Syllabus CBCS

Syllabus CBCS Document List
25-Feb-2022LOCF Syllabus - Journalism UG and PG
25-Feb-2022LOCF Syllabus - M.Lib. Information Sci.
25-Feb-2022LOCF Syllabus - B.Lib. Information Sci.
25-Feb-2022LOCF Syllabus - M.A. Sanskrit
04-Feb-2022Syllabus M.A. English
04-Feb-2022B.Ed. Program LOCF
04-Feb-2022B.Ed. Syllabus
27-Jan-2022B.C.A. I and II Sem Scheme and Syllabi NEP 2021-22 onward
30-Jun-2021MSc Physics I and II Semester CBCS and LOCF
30-Jun-2021M.Sc. Electronincs Semester I and II CBCS and LOCF
09-Mar-2021Certificate Course on Material Characterization Techniques
09-Mar-2021M.Sc. Physics Under CBCS
15-Feb-2021Scheme MA Sanskrit CBCS
15-Feb-2021MA Sanskrit III Sem CBCS
15-Feb-2021MA Sanskrit II Sem CBCS
15-Feb-2021MA Sanskrit I Sem CBCS
15-Feb-2021MA Sanskrit IV Sem CBCS
18-Jan-2021BCA MCA MSc Cyber Security PGDCA PGDCS CBCS and LOCF
14-Jan-2021B Voc and BCT
13-Jan-2021MSc Physics 2020-21 New
04-Jan-2021Certificate Course in Bio Design of sustainable products from Biological system and patentability in Life Sciences
30-Dec-2020MSc Biotechnology 2020-21 onwards
30-Dec-2020BSc Hons Biotechnology 2020-21 onwards
30-Dec-2020MSc Bio-Science 2020-21 onwards
30-Dec-2020BSc Hons Microbiology 2020-21 onwards
30-Dec-2020MSc Microbiology 2020-21 onwards
30-Dec-2020MSc Botany 2020-21 onwards
20-Nov-2020MSc Cyber Security
08-Oct-2020BALLB Hons IX Sem Revised Laws of Taxation
08-Oct-2020BALLB Hons VI Sem Revised Labour and Industrial Law-II
08-Oct-2020BALLB Hons V Sem Revised Labour and Industrial Law-I
08-Oct-2020BALLB Hons VII Sem Revised Health Laws
04-Jan-2020BA Hons Mass Communication
04-Jan-2020MA Mass Communication
04-Jan-2020Bachelor of Journalism and Communication BJC
04-Jan-2020Master of Journalism and Communication
23-Sep-2019MSc Botany
23-Sep-2019MSc BioScience
23-Sep-2019BSc Hons Microbiology
23-Sep-2019MSc Biochemistry
23-Sep-2019BSc Hons Biotechnology
23-Sep-2019MSc Microbiology
23-Sep-2019MSc Biotechnology
13-Sep-2019MSc Cyber Security revised scheme June 2019 onward
13-Sep-2019MCA revised Syllabus June 2019 onward
13-Sep-2019BCA revised Syllabus June 2019 onward
13-Sep-2019MSc Cyber Security revised Syllabus June 2019 onward
24-Aug-2019Revised MBA III and IV Semester 2018 20
24-Aug-2019Revised MBA MM III and IV Semester 2018 20
25-Oct-2017B.Ed. (Two Year) CBCS