Computer Centre

Computer Centre

Computer Centre Incharge: Prof.S.S. Pandey

Staff Member :

Dr. A.K. Gupta : Sr. Programmer

Smt. Nidhi Saxena : Sr. Programmer

Dr. Vineeta Tiwari : Sr. Computer Operator

Mr. K.K. Dalal : Data Entry Operator

Mr. A.K. Tiwari : Data Entry Operator Introduction

The Computer Centre was established in 1989-90 with 10 PCs under DOS and a mini under UNIX when the university started its first computer course of P.G.Diploma in Computer Applications. The lab has been upgraded now to Pentium-IV with networking and the Latest software. The Centre is supported by the NMEICT/NKN project and maintains university campus network with the avaialbity of 1 GBPS leased line connectivity, Almost all the teaching and administrative departments are enjoying the campus network facility for the academic and administrative interest.

Apart from the university teaching departments, Academic Staff College (which runs orientation and refresher programmes) ,Indira Gandhi National Open University and University Distance Education cell also rely on the computer centre for practicals and teaching of Computer Applications. Computer Centre also runs short-term job-oriented computer courses. Awareness programmes for employees and research scholars are regularly run . It has in-house computerized activities of CBCS Examination and Result Processing, Payroll and Accounts, Provident Fund Account & Returns and Department-wise Budget & Account. It has helped Finance deptt. to computerise and network its activities including its students interface. The Centre maintains the official Website of the university All assistance including internet facility is provided to students, researchers and faculty. The Centre has implemented Campus Networking by which all teaching and administration departments are connected. On this intranet internet is available via VSAT provided by UGC. Students, teachers and research scholars from various departments are enjoying this facility.

A number of E-Journals of various disciplines being provided by the UGC are available on the net. The Centre is also nodal centre for EduSat under which students participate in Interactive Program of Vigyan Prasar Delhi via Teleconference. Objectives – Computer Centre covers all the objectives as per UGC guidelines i.e. - Provide a central facility with Network Server for all the students and staff of the University. - Computer Centre has been regularly assisting faculty and research scholars of the university by analyzing data etc. - Assisting various departments in the University in Computerizing their activities. - Conducting Short term Courses for the students and staff of the University. - Coordinate, Maintain and administrate Campus wise Network including Internet and allied Services. - Software development for Private sector on Commercial basis in accordance with the rules/statutes/ordinance of the University is also done by this centre. In this direction , one such “Front Office Management Software’ has been developed and sold to a local hotel i.e. “Hotel Krishna”. Another MIS has been sold to “Pnoenix Poultry” and a module to BSNL, Jabalpur. -

Computer Centre has not only helped other departments of the university in installing computing facilities but also helped local colleges, affiliated with the university, in setting up computer facilities as well as in running computer courses. The departments which have been assisted by the centre are - (a) Bio-Science (b) Chemistry (c) Economics (d) Sanskrit (e) Philosophy (f) History (g) Ancient Indian History (h) Academic Staff College (i) V.C. Secretariat (j) Registrar Office (k) University Central Library (l) Political Science (m) Hindi (n) Adult Education (o) Women's Study Centre - Colleges which have been assisted by the centre are - (p) Govt. Autonomous Science College, Jabalpur (q) N.E.S. College, Jabalpur (r) Navyug College, Jabalpur (s) Mata Gujari College, Jabalpur (t) St. Aloysius College, Jabalpur

Assessment by the National Accreditation & Assessment Council The NAAC committee appointed by UGC to assess and certify various universities visited RDVV, it showed great deal of interest in the activities of Computer Centre and discussed at length about past, present and future of the Centre. The team was visibly impressed as is evidenced in the relevant remarks in their report on RDVV: “Most of the administrative and financial activities have been computerized and the Computer Centre has developed packages relating to research in the University and two commercial packages to meet the need of the local industries”. The optimal use to which the computer facilities are put and the generation of resources by the Centre has been noted by the Peer Team as a laudable effort in self reliance.

Towards the future- It keeps in touch with the latest technological changes in the field of computers. Workshops and discourses are organized to keep its employees and students to pace equally with the new updates.