Macromolecular Research Centre

Macromolecular Research Center

Autonomous within Rani Durgawati University Setup, Jabalpur, (M.P.), India


MRC was established in 1988 by Late Shri Prof. S. K. Nema, who has been a pioneer worker in the field of macromolecules. He had many achievements in his name. He had been the head of polymer dib\vision ISRO. Thereafter he established MRC. He completed project over 7 crore of rupees from various funding agencies.

Present Director the present acting director of MRC. He is also one of the pioneer worker in the field of polymer science. He has been a great scientist and teacher.

Research Associate

Dr. Anand Kumar Gupta

Ph.D. in Physics (Core subject: - Material Science, Condense mater Physics and Solid Sate Physics) (Specialization: - Physics of Polymers and Macromolecule)

Project completed

More then 30 from various funding agencies such as ISRO, DST, DRDO, SSPL, DMSRDE, CSIR, MPCOST, UGC, etc.

Project completed in last five year

1.      Polysiloxane-Polyimide Alloys as Membranes for Gas Separation: Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation? Deptt. of Science & Technology, New Delhi. Sept., 2000 to March, 2003 (Rs. 14.97 Lakhs).
2.      Development of Advanced ?CAP-IPN? Polyimide Prepregable matrix possessing properties and processability superior to ?PMR? class resin? DMSRDE, DRDO, Kanpur July, 2002 to Jan., 2004 (Rs. 4.96 Lakhs).
3.      Modification of Polyimide Resin to develop High temperature Carbon fibre Composites for aerospace applications? DMSRDE, DRDO, Kanpur Dec. 2003 to June 2005 (Rs. 10.0 lakhs).
4.      The investigation on Polyimides matrix comprising in-situ generated Nanophase Structures (IGNPS)? ER & IPR, DRDO, New Delhi Jan. 2004 to Dec. 2006 (Rs. 37.44 lakhs).
5.      Polyimide Nanofoam as Low-k ultrathin film for microelectronics? SSPL, DRDO, New Delhi 10th  Oct. 2005 to 10th Oct. 2007

Ongoing Projects

1.      Nanoscopically manipulated photosensitive polyimide films with graded functionalities for flexible solar cell applications? ER&IPR, DRDO, NewDelhi August 2006 to August 2008 (Rs. 34.99).
2.      Nanoscopically Manipulated Metalloid/Oxide Polymeric High Temperature Resistive Flexible Thin Film with Graded Functionalities for TFTs Application? Sponsored by: SSPL, DRDO, New Delhi (Rs. 9.99)
Proposal Submitted

Two (2) (to UGC-DAE, Kolkata, DRDO, New Delhi)

Facilities at MRC

1.      FT-IR
2.      Fluoresence photospectrometer
3.      UV-VIS spectrometer
For any query and facilities 

4.      Optical Microscopy
5.      Universal testing machine
6.      Vacuum coating unit
7.      Sputtering unit
8.      Spectrophotometer for photo Physics
9.      Hardness tester
10.  II and IV probe
11.  Hall measurement unit
12.  Heavy duty oven
13.  Furnace
14.  Gas separation chamber and many more.