Admission Notice

Admission Notice Document List
17-Jul-2018Admission List Dept. of Philosophy 2018-19
17-Jul-2018Waiting List P.G. Diploma 2018-19
17-Jul-2018FIFTH MERIT LIST OF BALLB 1 SEM 2018-19
17-Jul-2018THIRD MERIT LIST OF LLM I SEM 2018-19
17-Jul-2018Admission List 3 months Certificate Course in Yogic Science 2018-19
17-Jul-2018Admission List P.G. Diploma 2018-19
12-Jul-2018Fifth Merit List of BPharmacy I Sem 2018-19
10-Jul-2018IV Merit List of BALLB (Hons) I Sem 2018-19
10-Jul-2018II Merit List of LLM I Sem 2018
09-Jul-20183rd Merit List of BALLB I Sem Admission 2018-19
07-Jul-20184th Merit List of BPharmacy I Sem 2018-19
02-Jul-20183rd Merit List of B.Pharmacy I Sem 2018
02-Jul-2018M.A. Yoga Admission 2018-19
28-Jun-2018Second Merit List of BALLB Ist Sem (28/06/2018)
23-Jun-2018Admission List of B. Pharmacy I Sem. 2018-19 ( SECOND MERIT LIST)
22-Jun-2018Regarding B.A. LL.B.(H) I Sem. admission Session 2018-19
20-Jun-2018M.A. HISTORY I Sem Admission List 2018-19
15-Jun-2018LL.M. I Sem Admission Merit List 2018-19
14-Jun-2018Admission List of B.Pharmacy I Sem 2018-19
14-Jun-2018Admission List of M.Sc. Chemistry I Semester 2018-19
14-Jun-2018BALLB (Hons) I Merit List 2018-19
10-May-2018Advertisement for UTD Admission
26-Apr-2018UTD Admission 2018 - Online Portal Link
26-Apr-2018UTD Admission 2018 Online Form Submission
25-Apr-2018Adhisuchana: UTD Admission 2018