Result-CBCS Document List
08-Aug-2022M.A. Philosophy IV Semester 2021-22
08-Aug-2022Revised result of B.Ed. IV Semester June 2022 Single
08-Aug-2022M.Sc. Physics IV Semester 2021-22
08-Aug-2022M.A. Philosophy II Semester 2020-21
08-Aug-2022Revised result of B.Ed. III Semester Dec 2021
08-Aug-2022B.Sc. Hons. Bio-Technology VI Semester 2021-22
04-Aug-2022B.Com. Hons. I Semester 2021-22
04-Aug-2022M.P.Ed. IV Semester Exam June 2022
04-Aug-2022B.P.E.S. II Semester Exam June 2022
02-Aug-2022B Pharma I Sem RBT
02-Aug-2022B Pharma VII Sem Repeat
02-Aug-2022B Pharma I 2021 22 RMT
01-Aug-2022B P Ed II SEMESTER EXAM JUNE 2022
28-Jul-2022B.Ed. IV Semester 2021-22
27-Jul-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. X Semester 2021-22 Revised
22-Jul-2022M.L.T. VI Semester 2020-21
18-Jul-2022B.P.E.S. VI Semester Exam June 2022
12-Jul-2022Revised M.Sc. Mathematics I Semester Dec 2021
04-Jul-2022M.B.A. III Semester 2020-21 Revised
28-Jun-2022B.A.LL.B. VIII Semester 2020-21 Rept Ex
27-Jun-2022B.Voc.B.C.T. VI Semester June 2021
23-Jun-2022B.Com. Hons. V Semester Dec 2021 Revised
23-Jun-2022M.Sc. Mathematics I Semester Dec 2021
20-Jun-2022B.Pharmacy V Semester Dec 2021
17-Jun-2022M.A. Hindi I Semester Dec 2021 Revised
16-Jun-2022M.B.A. III Semester Dec 2021 Rept Ex
16-Jun-2022M.S.W. I Semester Dec 2021 ATKT
16-Jun-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. VIII Semester 2021-22
16-Jun-2022B.Com Hons. V Semester Dec 2021
15-Jun-2022M.A. Hindi I Semester Dec 2021
15-Jun-2022M.A. Hindi III Semester Dec 2021
14-Jun-2022M.A. Sociology I Semester Dec 2021
14-Jun-2022B.Com. Hons. III Semester Dec 2021
13-Jun-2022M.L.T. V Semester Dec 2020-21
13-Jun-2022M.L.T. I Semester Dec 2021
13-Jun-2022BCA I Semester DEC 2021
07-Jun-2022M.B.A. III Semester Dec 2021
06-Jun-2022P.G.D.C.A. I Semester Dec 2021
06-Jun-2022M.A. A.I.H.C.A. III Semester Dec 2021
06-Jun-2022M.A. A.I.H.C.A. I SEMESTER Dec 2021
06-Jun-2022M.C.A. I Semester Dec 2021
02-Jun-2022M.Sc. Computer Science I Semester Dec 2021
02-Jun-2022M.Sc. Mathematics III Semester Dec 2021
01-Jun-2022M.C.A. III Semester Dec 2021
01-Jun-2022M.C.A. V Semester ATKT Dec 2021
01-Jun-2022B.C.A. V Semester Dec 2021
01-Jun-2022B.C.A. III Semester Dec 2021
01-Jun-2022M.A. History I Semester Dec 2021
01-Jun-2022P.G.D.C.S. I Semester Dec 2021
01-Jun-2022M.Sc. Cyber Security I Semester Dec 2021
31-May-2022M.A. Rural Development I Semester Dec 2021
31-May-2022M.A. Rural Development III Semester Dec 2021
31-May-2022M.Lib.I.Sc. I SEMESTER DEC 2021
26-May-2022BA LLB HONS X SEMESTER 2021 2022
20-May-2022B.A.LL.B. IX Sem 2021-22 Ex
20-May-2022B.Ed. III Semester Dec 2021 Rept Ex
19-May-2022M.Sc. Computer Science III Semester Dec 2021
19-May-2022B.Pharmacy VII Semester Dec 2021
19-May-2022M.A. History III Semester Dec 2021
18-May-2022M.A. Sanskrit III Semester Dec 2021
18-May-2022M.B.A. I Semester Dec 2021
18-May-2022M.A. Yoga III Semester 2021-22
18-May-2022M.Sc. Bio-Technology III Semester Dec 2021 Revised
18-May-2022M.B.A. MM I Semester Dec 2021
17-May-2022M.Sc. Microbiology I Semester Dec 2021
13-May-2022M.S.W. I Semester Dec 2021
13-May-2022M.Sc. Chemistry I Semester Dec 2021
12-May-2022M.L.T. III Semester Dec 2021
11-May-2022M.A. Political Science I Semester Dec 2021
11-May-2022M.A. Political Science III Sem Dec 2021
10-May-2022M.A. English III Semester Dec 2021
10-May-2022M.A. English I Semester Dec 2021
09-May-2022M.A. Sanskrit I Semester Dec 2021
06-May-2022B.Lib.I.Sc. I SEMESTER Dec 2021
05-May-2022M.J.C. I Semester Dec 2021
05-May-2022M.P.Ed. III Semester Dec 2021
05-May-2022M.A. Mass Communication I Semester Dec 2021
05-May-2022B.P.Ed. III Semester Dec 2021
05-May-2022B.A. H Mass Communication III Dec 2021
05-May-2022DIC Certificate Course Dec 2021
05-May-2022B.J.C. I Semester Dec 2021
05-May-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons IX Semester 2021-22
05-May-2022M.Sc. Chemistry III Semester Dec 2021
04-May-2022M.Sc. Botany I Sem Dec 2021
04-May-2022M.Sc. Bio-Technology I Sem 2021-22
04-May-2022B.Sc. H Bio-Technology III Sem 2019-20
04-May-2022M.Sc. Bio-Technology III Sem Dec. 2021I
04-May-2022B.Sc. H Bio-Technology V Sem Dec 2021
04-May-2022B.Sc. H Bio-Technology III Sem Dec 2021
04-May-2022M.Sc. Botany III Sem Dec 2021
04-May-2022M.Sc. Microbiology III Sem Dec 2021
29-Apr-2022M.A.M.Sc. Geography I Sem Dec 2021
27-Apr-2022M.A. Sociology III Semester Dec 2021
26-Apr-2022M.S.W. III Semester Dec 2021
26-Apr-2022M.A. Yoga I Semester Dec 2021
26-Apr-2022B.Ed. I Semester Dec 2021
26-Apr-2022M.L.T. V Semester Dec 2021
26-Apr-2022B.C.T. I Semester Dec 2021
25-Apr-2022Results of BPES V Semester Exam Dec 2021
25-Apr-2022Results of MP Ed I Semester Exam Dec 2021
20-Apr-2022B.P.E.S. I Semester Dec 2021
20-Apr-2022B.P.Ed. I Semester Dec 2021
20-Apr-2022B.P.E.S. III Semester Dec 2021
20-Apr-2022M.B.A. MM III Semester 2021-22
18-Apr-2022M.A. Mass Ccmmunication III Semester Dec 2021
18-Apr-2022B.A. Hons. Mass Communication V Sem Dec 2021
18-Apr-2022M.J.C. III Semester Dec 2021
12-Apr-2022CBCS Results of M Sc Physic III Semester Revised 2021 22
31-Mar-2022M.A. Yoga I Semester 2021-22
31-Mar-2022M.A. Philosophy III Semester 2021-22
31-Mar-2022M.A. Philosophy I Semester 2021-22
30-Mar-2022M.A. Economics I Semester 2021-22
25-Mar-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. VI Semester 2021-22 Rept Ex
25-Mar-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. III Semester 2018-19 Rept Ex
25-Mar-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. VII Semester 2020-21 Rept Ex
25-Mar-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. V Semester 2021-22 Rept Ex
25-Mar-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. VII Semester 2021-22
25-Mar-2022B.A.LL.B. Hons. IV Semester 2021-22 Rept Ex
24-Mar-2022M.Sc. PHYSICS I SEMESTER 2021-22
23-Mar-2022B.C.T. V Semester 2021-22
23-Mar-2022B.C.T. III Semester 2021-22
22-Mar-2022M.A. Yoga III Semester 2021-22
21-Mar-2022M.Sc. PHYSICS III SEMESTER 2021-22
15-Mar-2022M.A. Economics II Semester 2020-21 Rept Ex
11-Mar-2022M.A. Economics III Semester 2021-22
09-Mar-2022B.Ed. III Semester Dec 2021
18-Jan-2022B.Voc. M.L.T. II Semester 2020-21
18-Jan-2022B.Voc. M.L.T. V Semester 2020-21
18-Jan-2022B.Voc. M.L.T. IV Semester 2020-21
27-Dec-2021B.Com. Hons IV Semester 2020-21
27-Dec-2021B.C.T. V Semester 2020-21
17-Dec-2021M.A. English II Semester 2020-21
17-Dec-2021M.B.A. II Semester 2020-21
16-Dec-2021B.Com. Hons. II Semester 2020-21
16-Dec-2021M.B.A. MM II Semester 2020-21
16-Dec-2021B.Pharmacy VI Semester 2020-21
14-Dec-2021B PHARMACY IV SEMESTER 2020 21
14-Dec-2021B PHARMACY II SEMESTER 2020 21
13-Dec-2021M.S.W. II Semester 2020-21
08-Dec-2021B VOC BCT II SEMESTER 2020 21
08-Dec-2021M A HISTORY II SEMESTER 2020 21
08-Dec-2021B VOC BCT IV SEMESTER 2020 21
07-Dec-2021M Sc Computer Science II Semester 2020 21
07-Dec-2021M A AIHCA IV SEMESTER 2020 21
06-Dec-2021MA Pol Sc II Sem
02-Dec-2021MA History IV Sem
01-Dec-2021BCom VI H Sem
24-Nov-2021M.Sc. Mathematics II Semester 2020-21
24-Nov-2021M.A. Rural Development II Semester 2020-21
22-Nov-2021M.B.A. IV Semester 2020-21
22-Nov-2021M.A. A.I.H.C.A. II Semester 2020-21
12-Nov-2021M.A. History III Semester 2020-21 Rept Ex
12-Nov-2021M.B.A. I Semester 2020-21 ATKT
12-Nov-2021M.A. History I Semester 2020-21 Rept Ex
11-Nov-2021M.B.A. MM IV Semester 2020-21
10-Nov-2021M.B.A. MM I Semester 2019-20 Additional List
09-Nov-2021M.A. Rural Development IV Semester 2020-21
08-Nov-2021M.A. Sociology IV Semester 2020-21
02-Nov-2021B.P.Ed. II Semester 2021
01-Nov-2021M.A. Sociology II Semester 2020-21
29-Oct-2021B.P.Ed. IV Semester 2021 Additional list
27-Oct-2021M.Sc. Bio-Technology II Sem 2020-21
27-Oct-2021B.Sc. Hons Bio-Technology II Sem 2020-21
27-Oct-2021M.Sc. Botany II Sem 2020-21
27-Oct-2021M.Sc. Microbiology II Sem 2020-21
27-Oct-2021B.Sc. Hons Bio-Technology IV Sem 2020-21
26-Oct-2021M.Sc. Computer Science I Semester 2020-21 Revised
25-Oct-2021M.S.W. IV Semester 2020-21
22-Oct-2021M.A. Hindi II Semester 2020-21
22-Oct-2021M.A. Hindi IV Semester 2020-21 Revised
21-Oct-2021M.L.T. VI Semester 2019-20
21-Oct-2021B.C.T. VI Semester 2019-20
11-Oct-2021B.P.Ed. IV Semester 2021
08-Oct-2021M.Sc. Chemistry II Semester 2020-21
06-Oct-2021M.A. Sanskrit II Semester 2020-21
06-Oct-2021M.A. Sanskrit IV Semester 2020-21
01-Oct-2021M.Lib.I.Sc. II SEMESTER 2020-21
01-Oct-2021M.S.W. I Semester 2020-21 II Chance
29-Sep-2021M.A. English IV Semester 2020-21
27-Sep-2021M.J.C. IV SEMESTER 2020-21 Revised
24-Sep-2021M.Sc. Microbiology II Sem 2020-21
24-Sep-2021B.Sc. Hons Bio-Technology II Semester 2020-21
24-Sep-2021M.A. Hindi IV Sem 2020-21
22-Sep-2021M.C.A. II Semester 2020-21
22-Sep-2021M.J.C. II SEMESTER 2020-21
22-Sep-2021M.Sc. Chemistry IV Semester 2020-21
22-Sep-2021B.Com. Hons. III Semester 2020-21
22-Sep-2021B.J.C. II Semester 2020-21
22-Sep-2021M.A. Yoga IV Semester 2020-21 additonal list
22-Sep-2021B.Com. Hons. V Semester 2020-21
21-Sep-2021B.P.E.S. II Semester 2021
21-Sep-2021B.P.E.S. IV Semester 2021
21-Sep-2021M.P.Ed. II Semester 2021
21-Sep-2021M.A. Hindi II Semester 2019-20 ATKT
21-Sep-2021PGDCA II Semester 2021
17-Sep-2021B.C.A. II Semester 2020-21
17-Sep-2021M.Sc. Cyber Security II Semester 2020-21
17-Sep-2021M.A. Hindi I Semester 2020-21 ATKT
17-Sep-2021BCA IV Semester 2020-21
14-Sep-2021M.Sc. Mathematics IV Semester 2020-21
14-Sep-2021M.Sc. Computer Science IV sem 2020-21
13-Sep-2021M.A. Philosophy IV Semester 2020-21
13-Sep-2021D.I.C. Certificate Course 2020-21
13-Sep-2021M.A. Yoga IV Semester 2020-21
13-Sep-2021M.A. Philosophy II Semester 2020-21
13-Sep-2021B.Sc. Hons Bio-Technology VI Semester 2020-21
08-Sep-2021M.A. Yoga II Semester 2020-21
07-Sep-2021B.Ed. II Semester 2020-22
07-Sep-2021M.A. ECONOMICS IV SEMESTER 2020-21
07-Sep-2021P.G.D.C.S. II Semester 2020-21
06-Sep-2021B.A. Hons. Mass Communication VI Semester 2020-21
06-Sep-2021B.A. Hons. Mass Communication IV Semester 2020-21
06-Sep-2021M.A. ECONOMICS II SEMESTER 2020-21
06-Sep-2021M.A. ECONOMICS I SEMESTER 2020-21 Rept
06-Sep-2021M.A. Sanskrit I Semester 2019-20
06-Sep-2021M.A. Sanskrit I Semester 2018-19
06-Sep-2021M.P.Ed. IV Semester 2021 Additional
06-Sep-2021M.A. ECONOMICS III SEMESTER 2020-21 Rept
06-Sep-2021M.A. Sanskrit I Semester 2019-20 ADDITIONAL
03-Sep-2021B.A. Hons. Mass Communication II Semester 2020-21
03-Sep-2021M.P.Ed. I Semester 2021 ATKT
03-Sep-2021M.A. Mass Communication IV Semester 2020-21
03-Sep-2021M.A. Mass Communication II Semester 2020-21
03-Sep-2021B.P.Ed. I Semester 2021 ATKT
03-Sep-2021B.P.E.S. I Semester 2021 ATKT
02-Sep-2021B.Com. Hons. I Semester 2020-21
27-Aug-2021M.P.Ed. IV Semester 2021
27-Aug-2021B.Lib.I.Sc. II SEMESTER 2020-21
27-Aug-2021B.Ed. IV Semester 2021-22
26-Aug-2021M.Sc. PHYSICS II SEMESTER 2020-21
26-Aug-2021M.C.A. VI Semester 2020-21
25-Aug-2021B.Sc. Hons Biotechnology VI Semester 2020-21
25-Aug-2021M.Sc. Botany IV Semester 2020-21
25-Aug-2021M.Sc. Microbiology IV Sem 2020-21
24-Aug-2021B.Sc. Hons Microbiology VI Semester 2020-21
24-Aug-2021M.Sc. Physics IV Semester 2020-21
16-Aug-2021M.Sc. Computer Science IV Semester 2020-21
13-Aug-2021M.Sc. Bio-Technology IV Sem 2020-21
13-Aug-2021M.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE I SEMESTER 2020-21 Additional
12-Aug-2021B.Pharmacy VIII Semester 2020-21
12-Aug-2021M.A. Yoga IV Semester 2019-20 Additional
12-Aug-2021B.C.A. VI Semester 2020-21
24-Feb-2021M B A II SEMESTER 2019 20
24-Feb-2021M B A MM II SEMESTER 2019 20
23-Feb-2021M A SOCIOLOGY II SEMESTER 2019 20
11-Nov-2017B.Com (Hons.) For UIM-CBCS